Enemy Resistance Rules under House Rules - Suggestion


jasta6: "Kitt "n" KaBoodle" and her crew made the target, 20% on bomb run, and returned safely. Sept 20, 2021 17:11:15 GMT -8
deanh57: Problem Child lost heat in the pilot compartment inbound Zone 6. Dropping to 10000 feet Zone 5 for the ride home. Someone else will have to take over as TEC for the 79th. Sept 20, 2021 8:49:16 GMT -8
crushedhat: Continuation of previous: Of course, I'm still rolling each extra turn for additional Mechanical Failures. Sept 19, 2021 19:18:15 GMT -8
crushedhat: Continuation of previous: If I haven't used up my 'extra Turn/Zone' fuel, I've got at least that many extra turns to circle the field while trying to solve problems like manually lowering the landing gear. Sept 19, 2021 19:17:34 GMT -8
crushedhat: Since the other rules (I.e. TFT 5.10 Engines Out) don't stipulate a concern for running out of fuel while spending 2 turns/Zone, I'm going to assume that I've got at least enough fuel to cover 2 Turns/Zone for the entire Mission. Sept 19, 2021 19:14:42 GMT -8
crushedhat: Two Mechanical Failures this mission makes up for not having one last mission. Still averaging at least one MF/Mission. On a related note, how many turns can we circle the field while trying to solve problems? Sept 16, 2021 20:32:14 GMT -8
blaird: secondary mission rules can be found 509th-vbw.proboards.com/thread/373/secondary-targets Sept 15, 2021 14:31:27 GMT -8
limburger59: There are no optional rules (yet) for secondary targets. I've been tempted but application to an individual out of formation bomber vs. a most historical secondary for the entire group puzzles me. Do you have any ideas ? Sept 14, 2021 20:30:58 GMT -8
superbee: Are there optional rules concerning bombing secondary targets ? Sept 14, 2021 14:17:16 GMT -8
GaryK: Didn't signal the start of our mission here, but Cheyenne Cannonball returns from the Alps with another navigator KIA. Sept 13, 2021 13:48:41 GMT -8
superbee: Someone from the 79th will need to assume squadron lead, starting from Inbound Zone 6. Tempe (Capt Wentworth) has aborted the mission. Sept 13, 2021 7:46:48 GMT -8
colbourne66: I'll take over lead for the 80th Sept 13, 2021 6:12:49 GMT -8
colbourne66: Apologies I was working over the weekend so didnt get the chance to nominate tail and lead for the 80th... next time... Sept 13, 2021 6:12:36 GMT -8
tommygun81: The Baroness has dropped 50% on the Brenner Pass and has returned to Giulia as tail for the 80th. Sept 13, 2021 0:46:12 GMT -8
wolverinetoddy: Pride of the Lafayette to group. Oxygen system knocked out Outbound Zone 3. Dropping out of formation. Requesting someone from the 80th take over the lead position. Sept 12, 2021 14:15:33 GMT -8
superbee: Question about engine fires under House Rules (Mandatory). Sept 12, 2021 7:23:03 GMT -8
medic1: Talking to another player who will remain anonymous, you are nominated for a Purple Heart Sept 10, 2021 9:40:15 GMT -8
tommygun81: at least it ain't frostbite ;) Sept 10, 2021 5:42:44 GMT -8
crushedhat: Lucky you didn't lose it to a sword! Sept 9, 2021 18:40:15 GMT -8
blaird: broken finger, so typing is rough. currently Sept 9, 2021 7:42:15 GMT -8